Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting a Jump on the Silly Season

Here's all you need to know about the upcoming summer:

Half of the clubs in Europe are on the verge of selling their players to half of the other clubs in Europe. Africa, Asia and the Americas will also have varying degrees of involvement.

Everything after that is just details.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound like a t-shirt there, but we are alternately amused and bored by the Silly Season. Or course we can't ignore it. After the jump we get the jump on the rumors. The list is by no means exhaustive. It's barely a scratch of the surface, but it's a start. Also, we're not separating fact from fantasy just facilitating the flow.

Forlan to Liverpool. Does that put a dent in a raid on Valencia? And does that mean I have to find links for the ubiquitous Silva and Villa rumors?

Ancelotti to Chelsea. Hey, we're not limited to players.

Rosicky to Arsenal. What, he's been gone two years, so it's like a player transfer, and a Bosman at that. Well played, Wenger.

Tevez to United. For free no less.

Tevez to Citeh. Okay, it's the same link.

Tevez to Chelsea. Yes, that's six months old, but indulge us as we have fun with this one.

Tevez to Liverpool. Also on that link, Valencia (the player, not he city) to United. Downing to Liverpool. Jon Obi Mikel to Mourinho... The Guardian, however, fails to mention where Mourinho is or might be managing.

Diego and Cannavaro to Juve. I can't believe we just sourced sometihng called the Earth TImes.

Sans links (because we're a bit lazy right now) we think we've heard: Bassong and Martins to Arsenal. Ronaldinho to Man City (a particular of the general: Ronaldinho away from Milan). Adebayor to Chelsea. And of course the old stand-bys Gareth Barry to Pool and Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid.


The Fan's Attic said...

What about Donovan? Where's he going to land?

Mike Georger said...

Forlan actually makes sense, because what they need is cover, not another world class striker, because Rafa doesn't seem likely to break the lone striker system. As much as I love Tevez, if he came in they would either have to change the system or rot him on the bench.

But man I want Silva, his ability with the ball is simply stunning. Will be crushed if they settle for Downing instead.

Precious Roy said...

That's £15M for a United flame out. Think the CL has shown there is a difference between getting it done in the EPL and getting it done in La Liga.

Of course Torres is evidence that it's more of a guideline than a rule.

Just saying...

Mike Georger said...

Well it wouldn't make sense at that price. Less than ten and I'd take him. I just mean the idea of getting more of a covering player than a full time starter is a good idea.

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

Wenger has made a bid for my nephew. He's extremely young and doesn't speak English well. He should fit in well at Arsenal.

Teeknuts said...

If Liverpool end up getting Tevez, which they won't, I can see him playing in a sort of Kuyt role on the left, although the question is do they need more than one Kuyt or Tevez type player. I wouldn't be too upset if they buy him, of course, but Silva, especially for only 15 million pounds, is an almost mouth-watering prospect. Forlan for 15 million though? No Thanks.

Spectator said...

Exeter's Dean Moxey to Derby County

Steve said...

tevez to tottenham?

if i say it enough does it become a transfer rumor?

Keith said...

Richards, Barnes, Defour, Delph, Vermaelen to Villa.

Barry to Pool, and now, supposedly, ManU and AC Milan linked as well.

Word is Ashley Young might be at the top of Ancelotti's list if he goes to the Bridge. I'd expect O'Neill to be even more stubborn with Young than he was with Barry.

/Villa links

phil said...

Spurs rumors (aside from the one Steve is trying to start):

In: Muntari, Cisse, Jones, Glen Johnson, Bastos, Milito

Out: Bent, Bentley, Taarabt, and Bale (which sounds like a sketchy law firm)

cjdomer04 said...

With Torres' hamstrings, Pool need a quality backup striker. He will get a lot of playing time. Tevez would allow for Rafa to play two wingers that would just run their socks off against the big boys, as well as solid cover for Kuyt should he get hurt.

Silva would be the best purchase, but Tevez ranks a close second for me.

The Fan's Attic said...

Drogba to Citeh.