Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soccer nightmare at 20,000 feet

William Shatner: not a fan of Swedish soccer

From our soccer studies, we know that hooliganism can strike anywhere at anytime. Take Millwall, for example. It breaks out there quite often. (Calm thyselves, Lions fans!)

And yet when you think of hooligans, you don't often think of Sweden, the land of meatballs, gorgeous women and affordable flat-pack furniture made of plywood and popsicle sticks (and the damn stuff NEVER, ever, ever has enough of those washers with which to get the job done).

Try telling that to some Djurgarden fans who were more than a little pissed on the flight home that they lost 2-1 at Malmo FF.

With about 100 passengers crammed in to their tiny seats and waiting for takeoff, a few disgruntled Djurgarden fans got into a ruckus, assaulting one hapless passenger who tried to break up the melee and threatening several comely (I mean, they must be pretty, right?) flight attendants in the process.

Even after five louts were kicked off the plane before takeoff, the fighting continued, and seven others were detained for questioning upon landing in Stockholm.

Quote the article:
"[Stockholm Police Spokesperson Matt] Eriksson said the fans were noisy, "didn't sit down, didn't fasten their seat belts and didn't follow directions from the attendants."

One passenger who tried to stop the hooligans was assaulted and taken to hospital after arrival but was not seriously injured, Malmo Aviation spokesman Olof Lofgren said.

He said the pilot was considering interrupting the flight and landing at another airport, but decided to continue to Bromma where police were waiting.

"We transport football supporters a lot, but I've never experienced anything like this," Lofgren said. "It's deplorable that adults act this way."
Although none of the yobs were arrested, they could still see some jail time for assault and breach of the peace, and possibly even air sabotage, a beautifully-named infringement that carries a maximum of four years in prison.

Next time, I'd suggest that the miserable fans simply go and get laid to blow off some steam. I mean, you live in fucking Sweden! How bad could it be there!

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EbullientFatalist said...

Next time, I'd suggest that the miserable fans simply go and get laid to blow off some steam.Are you advocating mass rape?

Air sabotage is my new favorite crime; see you in second place, mopery.