Wednesday, May 13, 2009

UF Quick Throw: Gunn Confirmed for Canaries

Bigus is a happy man today, as the Norwich City board have confirmed that the management trio of (most importantly) Bryan Gunn, Ian Butterworth, and Ian Crook will be on board for the 2009-2010 season.

Delia and the rest held a press conference at Carrow Road to announce their plans for the upcoming League 1 season as the Canaries look to jump right back into Championship football in order to preserve Bigus' sanity.

[Management Trio Confirmed]


Kopper said...

Bigus and I support Gunn. There is a lot of discontent on the Norwich boards because of his appointment, though. So many peopel are anti-dDelia and anti-establishment, that anyone from within was bound to be slagged.

I think its the right call, and Gunny will bring Norwich back to what it once was. I see us promoted soon back into the colaship and into the Premiership in 4 years.

Matt said...

Do us proud Gunny!