Monday, May 11, 2009

Chelsea Fans Continue to Display Maturity of a Four Year Old, Alexander Rybak to Feel The Wrath

File Under: 'Grow Up Already' as Chelsea fans who still can't bring proper perspective to a football game have begun a campaign to bring referee Tom Henning Øvrebø to justice.

And they will do it by voting against a sensitive singer songwriter:

Now an internet campaign has been launched to hit [Øvrebø's] native country where it really hurts – at the Eurovision song contest. Norway is favourite to win Saturday night’s event in Moscow with singer Alexander Rybak, 22, and his ditty Fairytale.
Angry children Chelsea fans are urging people to give Rybak "null pionts" so that he loses in Moscow, just like Chelsea did last year.

Oh history, sometimes we do underestimate your sense of humor, don't we?

For those not in the know, the Eurovision song contest is kind of a big deal, or at least it is as a cultural phenomenon. But winners aren't magically transformed into Celine Dion, except maybe Celine Dion who won in 1988.

So Chelsea fans have turned a ref into Salman Rushdie and now they are going to crush an innocent singer songerwriter. Yet, they still aren't going to Rome. Stay classy, Blues'ers.


The NY Kid said...

dude! Katrina and the Waves won in 1997.

epiblast said...

Ha! Chelsea fans are ridiculous! I'll stick by my soapbox by saying that the Blues had ample, AMPLE, opportunities to score additional goals against Barca, Drogba was just too busy rolling on the pitch to net one of those opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Grand Opening!!!News from Moscow!!!

30f said...

Every time one of my continental friends tries to play the 'us Europeans are way more sophisticated than you colonial rubes' card I mention Eurovision. Well, monkey chants AND Eurovision.

When two tribes go to war ...