Friday, March 27, 2009

That's Some Pair of Balls, Dave.

People who live in glass stadiums should not throw stones. Unless of course you are Dave Whelan. The man who just cannot keep his nose out of other people's business has opened the gaping hole in his face yet again (see above).

You may remember that Whelan couldn't keep his trap shut about the West Ham/Tevez affair. Even though Wigan stayed up, he called for Premier League officials to be fired. You would think that a man who is under investigation by the financial services authority would keep a low profile. But no... Big mouth strikes again. (I saw Morrissey the other night, sorry.)

Dave Whelan has been telling anyone who will listen that Mike Ashley has ruined Newcastle United. Big mouth may be right, but it's really none of his business is it? But that doesn't stop Whelan. He just can't help himself. If Newcastle go down, Whelan reckons that Ashley deserves the drop because of the way he has pretended to be a Newcastle fan, amongst other claims.

Whelan. Not concerned with the empty seats behind him as much as he is other peoples business.

When I first went there just after Mike Ashley had bought it, he turned up in the boardroom in a pair of jeans, a pair of trainers and a replica shirt. Immediately he did that, the club’s gone. You don’t do things like that in football. He’s got no class whatsoever. When you walk in he clears the boardroom out and people walk in wearing football kit, replica shirts. You don’t do that.
- Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan.

No class for wearing a replica soccer shirt and sneakers in the boardroom? This from the man who made his fortune flogging replica shirts (including Newcastle's) and sneakers in his JJB sports store chain!

Ashley. No class.

While Newcastle are certainly in deep trouble, they are a massive club that boasts a weekly attendance of around 50,000. Wigan's attendance in comparison is between 14,000 and 17,000. Absolutely pathetic for a team that sits seventh in the Premier League. Largely due, I'll point out, to the efforts of one Steve Bruce after Whelan sold his best players to teams like Tottenham. Whelan should be worrying about the 8-11,000 empty seats in his 25,135 capacity stadium instead of the affairs of Newcastle United up in the northeast. Especially when Wigan are losing money. So why is Whelan sticking his big hooter in to Ashley's business?

Could it be that the two are currently feuding over the future of Whelan's old company JJB? Yep, that would be it!

Whelan appears to have a big head as well as a big mouth. From next season, the JJB Stadium will be know as the D.W. or Dave Whelan Stadium.

They may need to widen the doors.



Spectator said...

That pic will haunt me in my sleep.

The NY Kid said...

it's so bad it scared away all of our commenters

Nathaniel said...

Maybe the Morrissey thing scared them away?

/actually went and saw Morrissey about 2 weeks ago too....

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

I actually quite like Mike Ashley. I think it takes balls of a galactic magnitude to actually don the shirt and sit with the fans. How many other chairmen do you see doing that?

To be fair, Allardyce was the only mistake he's made in my eyes. Not the appointment, that had nothing to do with him, but the sacking. Fair enough, Nyoocassal had a poor run of results, but look at the job Big Sam did at Bolton, and is doing at Blackburn. He needed more time.

jjf3 said...

that pic: Holy fuck. I may never let myself sleep again. Anyone got a lifetime's supply of coke or meth I can borrow?