Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is This A Boobie Prize?

The Sun, the esteemed institution of British journalism, has done it again. This time they have discovered the Italian pornstar who has painted her favo(u)rite soccer star, Dimitar Berbatov.


Link NSFW, but there is a slideshow. She intends to present her painting to Dimitar later this week. It's not certain whether painting with her fun bags will lead to lots of moneybags.


Mike Georger said...

Lucy paints portraits of Barbara Streisand. She came all the way down here.. what's the name of that town .. Montana. Just to give these portraits to Barbara.

Anonymous said...

BOOBATOV hahahahahhaa
using that forever

phil said...

Dimitar, Dimitar
He plays with a cig in his hands
A tart painted him with her cans
Dimitar, Dimitar

jjf3 said...

Yep, when I want an update on art, paintings, and culture, I go straight to the Sun.

That said, I'm with Corrine on "Dimatart Boobatov" - that will have its uses in the future...