Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Has Gotten Into Chelsea?

Sometimes, okay all the time, I'm surfing around looking for interesting stories, pictures, etc. It's what I do and usually I find T&A type stuff. This time, however, I was surfing the Premier League website and stumbled across some interesting statistics involving Autoglass' favorite ref-circling club.

Last year Fulham almost qualified for a Euro slot, although it barely escaped relegation, through the Fairplay allocation. Manchester City ended up snatching the Fairplay slot, barely. Fulham leads this year's Fairplay (PDF warning) index currently with Liverpool and Arsenal tied for second, which isn't surprising since the clubs finished second and fourth last season.

But, look at the club hot on Liverpool and Arsenal's heels this season...

It's Chelsea. Improving 10 places from last season. The team that was the epitome of unfair play last season, constantly ringing the refs in an attempt to influence. The club had a complete lack of respect for the match officials and always good for a few hard fouls each match.

Well, good on Chelsea for improving this aspect of the club. I hope they keep it up.

I imagine Manchester United's seventh place ranking will be falling following the two red card performance against Fulham.


Kopper said...

Norwich City were top of the Fair Play table the year we were relegated. So not only did the 6-0thrashing at Fulham the last day of the season knock us out of the Premier League that year, but it also knocked us out of Europe.

Andrew said...

Fulham should qualify for UEFA this season, either by Fair Play or Intertoto (are they still doing Intertoto?)

Anyone see where Man U is going to an Indian car company for its next shirt sponsorship? Sign of the times, if you've ever needed one.

Keith said...

This was Intertoto's last year. They're making UEFA Cup into the Europa League, so there'll be wider qualifications.