Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Liverpool Thievery Now Even Easier!

This is where Nando works.

We've previously discussed the rampant thievery that has occurred of footballers' homes, most notably those of Liverpool players. The vast majority of the time these burglaries have been when the player in question has been away for a match. But thanks to Google, they can now be burgled any time they leave their home unattended, even for a few short hours!

Alright, that's a bit of hyperbole. It's not quite real-time satellite imagery, but Google has launched its Street View application and one of the cities available in the UK is Liverpool. This is sure to help out those would-be stalkers and thieves in their quest to determine where Liverpool players are living.

Torres lives in Formby, Liverpool - is one of these houses his?

They can use the new app to explore the best possible routes for gaining access to players' homes (and quick getaway routes!), as well as determining if there is anything worth stealing on the grounds.

There are already advocacy groups decrying this new use of technology and looking to have the Google app shut down, but there is as of yet no word from the PFA.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is crrreeeeepyyy. LIVE satellite is surveillance -- why would they feel the need to do this?

Mike Georger said...

Street View isn't live. And in America, anyways, it's legal, all the pictures are taken from the street and all the license plates and faces are blurred out. It's actually incredibly useful for locating things. Plus I've found my car in four different places so far!

Also, was there a volcanic eruption in Liverpool last year that I missed, or is England always that gray and dire?

The NY Kid said...

yeah, I know it's not a live feed. I was just being alarmist.