Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: Explosive

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Nani has some odd pictures floating out there [ONTD]
TH14 tries out his new boots [The Spoiler]
Zizou's kid has a U-15 call up--for Spain [Guardian]
Top 50-ish players by salary [The Offside]

Don't wear your Man U kit on the streets of NYC. Not because of the AIG thing, but because it's a terroristic thing to do [The Big Lead]
Vancouver have already sold out their first wave of Season ticket deposits [The Football Project]
Hope Solo local news interview. Sportscaster can't stop himself from commenting in on her hair. Sexist pig [The Offside Rules]
Jermaine Pennant's sometime WAG is apparently in the "off-again" category as she has decided to hock her her engagement ring on eBay [Off The Post]

Nigerian FA loses $200K. Possibly to a scam. [All Africa]


Mike Georger said...

Reiterate what I said on TBL, there is no way that shit happened as that guy claims it did. 'Obvi.'

phil said...

+1 to georger for putting up with the comment section of TBL. Those threads are a festival of celebrated idiocy.

The NY Kid said...

Sportscaster can't stop himself from commenting in her hair

That's quite the Freudian slip. Now who is the sexist pig?

Keith said...

Is Zidane the Younger going to help Zinedine find the mythical Jaguar Shark?

30f said...

re: player salaries

It seems that the Brits talk about players being paid per week, while on the continent it seems typical to talk about what they are being paid per year. Are those different systems of paying or just another way of expressing it?

If a player gets paid X per week, does he actually earn more over the course of the year if his team goes on an international tour in the summer or advances in some tournament - thus he plays more weeks for the team and gets another check?

And, yes, this IS a goofy question.

The Fan's Attic said...

i don't think it's any difference in pay, just a different way of expressing the amount. i kinda like the weekly pay usage because it really highlights how ridiculous the amounts of money the players make per week.