Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who's Ya Daddy?

Occasionally a footballers son will emerge and be a true 'chip off the old block'. This appears to be the case for Paolo Maldini's lad Daniel, after the jump, join me to watch the Italian nipper make a fool of daddy's team mate and Dutch international Clarence Seedorf. Also a look at Zidanes boy 'Enzo'. Does he have a mean headbutt like papa?

This is Daniel Maldini. The legendary defenders son looks to be on course to emulate his old mans career as he slides in to dispossess Clarence Seedorf.

Get stuck in son!

Below is Enzo Zidane. The REAL 'new Zidane'. The 14 year old has just been called up to play for Spain. How does daddy feel about that?

Just like the old man, minus the violence.


Andrew said...

Karma Police as background music? Why not?

Enzo has the skill.

Keith said...

Arsene just put in a bid for both of them. Little Maldini would be an improvement over the current CBs, and Zidane Mark II has a better touch than Denilson