Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: A confused old man

Robinho and Adriano had an interesting homecoming [ONTD]
Portuguese kids get a penalty very wrong [Off The Post]
Guus Hiddink cannot remember which team of his that Arshavin plays for [The Spoiler]
CR7 came up a little lame in training for Portugal [Daily Mail]

Capello takes the opportunity to poke fun at both Rooney and Cashley in practice [The Beautiful Game]
Jamar Beasley making his way in indoor soccer. Hope he has quit drinking [Rockford Register Star]
Fake ref scams kids teams out of cash then leaves [Dirty Tackle]

The horror! The horror! [The Best Eleven]


Andrew said...

12 out of those 22 teams are no longer in the Prem. Of what is that indicative?

I'm four Bushmills deep, so yeah.

30f said...

Lots of Robin Hood style laces on the front of those shirts, but NOT on Nottingham Forest.