Friday, March 27, 2009

Credit Crunch Hits The Terry Family

Not even multi-millionaire football players mums are immune to the economic crisis. England's Brave John Terry's mum and mum-in-law were cited on shoplifting charges. The delinquent duo were cited for shoplifting £800 of goods from a department and grocery store.

Alyssa Milano they are not, but the youthful indiscretion probably made them feel younger than 18 shots of botox. Despite their son's £135,000-per-week salary, his purchase of exclusive homes for his mums, the criminal couple were nicked taking cheap track suits and food stuffs. I guess you really can't wash away the chav.

Predictably, the Terry lawyer says this is all a big mistake. The pair accepted the cautions, which is an admission of guilt, but their lawyer is now seeking to reverse the cautions. I await the Bernie Madoff excuse freezing their credit cards and accounts.

No word yet on whether they weeped like their son in Moscow.

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