Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stunning Strikes, Poor Ad Placements, and the FA Cup Draw

Something tells me that people who want to read about Arsenal's FA Cup win, probably don't want to buy an Aston Villa kit any time soon.

Just a hunch but I bet that ad on that particular page nets zero sales. In fact, if there's such a thing as negative sales, that'd be a good candidate to achieve that benchmark.

Anyway, Arsenal and Everton both won today. And for their efforts, the Toffees get to go to Wembley, while the Gunners go home. Life is so unfair.

Actually, Arsenal still have their quarterfinal against Hull to play. The Tigers have been woeful as of late, collecting only 3 points so far this calendar year. But, seeing how Hull City won at the Emirates back towards the start of the season, the Gunners can't take them lightly.

Who are we kidding? That's the hallmark of this Arsenal team: 1 point from Tottenham, 1 point from Fulham, 2 points from Sunderland, and zero points from Stoke (although there are three points still waiting in the rematch). If this Arsenal team is good at anything, it's taking lesser sides lightly and giving up points they should bag. Ergo: fifth place.

But while there's one quarterfinal still to be played, the FA Cup semi-final draw is set. United get the easier of the draws (shocker!) as they pick up Everton. Chelsea get the winner of Hull CIty and Arsenal.

Anyway, rather than squint to read about Eduardo's backheel strike, just watch it here. And really this is where low frame rates and shitty Flash compression go a long way toward ruining a thing of beauty, but this was pretty sweet.

Oh, and yes, we know we stumbled toward the finish line this week. Shit we didn't even get an open thread up this morning. We'll make it up to you this week. Promise.


jape said...

Cheekiest volley indeed!

Blame the time change for the lack of an open thread - works for me.

Precious Roy said...

We'll take it.

Mike Georger said...

really dumb question: how do you get posts to jump in blogger? i know how to do it in wordpress but I don't see a 'more' option anywhere on the blogger dashboard.

Ă¼75 said...

I didn't set it up, so I don't know where it comes from, but we use a Span jump
< span class="fullpost" > and < /span >