Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick Throw: MLS to Portland One Step Closer

The MLS to Portland cause has moved one-step closer to fruition. As of last night, Merritt Paulson, USL Portland Timbers owner, and the principal negotiator for City of Portland, Commissioner Randy Leonard, reached an agreement on paying for the stadium improvements. Paulson will come up with another $20 million or so and will guarantee much of the bond money the city is putting up for stadium improvements and pay for a portion of cost overruns.

Two more steps and Portland should have its very own MLS club. First, get a crucial third vote on the City Council to support the negotiated deal. Second, MLS chooses Portland. These are important issues, but given the nature and status of the other cities' bids and the new guarantees from Paulson the Junior, this will likely be one of the accepted bids from MLS. Now watch this be the jinx on this whole deal


Andrew said...

Now we have a Northwest Derby, complete with Death Cab for Cutie soundtrack.

The Fan's Attic said...

There might be 3 NW derbies if Vancouver gets a team, which I think it will now.

It only makes sense. Less travel involved, more regional rivalries.