Thursday, March 12, 2009

The English Really Are Just Like Us

Dear Victor Anichebe, don't come, to MLS—not that you would as you are young and talented and already playing in the best league in the world—as being black here in the United States is often a crime as well.

At least that's what my lilly-white suburban-bred ass has learned through rap music and urban films.

The Nigerian born Everton player and a friend were confronted by Cheshire police for looking in a King Street jewelry store window and, well, maybe because Anichebe also has a broken leg. Chesire police say they took action because of a series of "violent robberies in the area":

"Police attended the location within minutes and upon speaking with the two men, a heated dialogue developed in an attempt to ascertain exactly what the two persons were doing outside the jeweller's premises.

"During the course of this exchange, an officer took the decision to restrain one of the two men concerned by applying handcuffs.
The area has been under increased surveillance because of a series of "violent robberies targeting jewellers." And the police have plans to respond quicly to "any suspicious activity at or in the vicinity of jewellers' premises."

So, suspicion here is, what? Looking in the window? Having a broken leg?

According to an Everton spokesman, Anichebe is now waiting for a full apology. Once that happens, the club and the player will "consider the matter closed."

The Beeb link is above, but there's also this fun link via South Africa where the all of the text is centered. Peculiar, huh?

More peculiar is that there is absolutely no mention of race whatsoever in the BBC blurb but the African pub claims "Cheshire Police would not answer alleged comments from the pair that white men would not have received the same treatment. But a police source said no complaints had been received."

You know all potentially race-based news reports should be centered. They look more like poems that way. And poems, well, they're just less threatening.


The NY Kid said...

dude, he was clearly Shopping While Black.

Bruce said...

Cheshire = Los Angeles? He should be happy he didn't lip-off and get the choke's what would happen in LA

oyeoro said...

Seriously, SWB. perhaps the cast on the broken leg looked like a place to store the stolen jewels... better yet apparently he is faster hobbling away than running ... (one more) willing to put money on the fact that they were wearing jewels and the first questions was "are those yours?"

Ibracadabra said...

His "friend" was actually goalkeeper Tim Howard. The cops arrested him for excessive public profanity.

The NY Kid said...

Hey, you never know what is in a cast these days