Friday, March 13, 2009

Who's The Ad Whiz That Came Up With This?

Pal Dardai, the Hungarian midfielder for Bundesliga leading Hertha Berlin, that's who.

Pal knows the way to Germany's heart is with a good beer. So, he's pledged (Google translation) to buy 55,000 liters of beer for the fans after the last home match against Schalke. With the condition that more than 55,000 fans attend each of the last five home games.

With Hertha battling for its first league since the Third Reich (I imagine there were some shady dealings for that), this should not be a difficult challenge. Conceivably, Hertha could clinch the title with a victory at its final home match (and penultimate match) since it currently has a four point lead. If they do, the team could celebrate with the fans by drinking beer, like each league winner does.

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