Monday, March 9, 2009

This Is Shocking... But Not Surprising

Eh, maybe not shocking either. Remember Bradley Wright-Phillips? Probably not, but you recognize the last name.

Brad is half-brother of Shaun Wright-Phillips and son of Ian Wright Phillips and he is a professional footballer of some reknown. Not because of his skill, just because of his name and the stupid stuff he does. This time he has been accused of assault and affray of a Southampton Saints fan for a February 7, 2009 late-night incident of fisticuffs.

Appears Brad and his mate from Southampton David McGoldrick were out carousing a night after Southampton's match against Watford had been cancelled due to weather. Apparently, assaulting a team supporter is what all the cool kids do these days. Last year it was allegedly stealing from a waitress' purse while getting caught on CCTV. And, by 'cool kids' I mean Bradley Wright-Phillips and I don't really mean cool.

The amazing thing to me is that it took one-month before this even surfaced in the news. Now is that indicative of the press coverage of the Colaship? Indicative of the importance of Brad Wright-Phillips? Or just indicative of footballers in general? I'm going with the middle one.

Oh, and somehow Brad got off for stealing from the purse even though it was caught on CCTV. Amazing.

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