Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick Throw: Who Is Britain's Most Hated Celebrity This Week?

Not surprising, it's Ashley Cole. A man who has just about all of the benefits life could ever possibly grant him, boatloads of cash, an insanely hot wife who won't leave him even when he cheats on her, celebrity status and life as a professional athlete. It's only for this week, but I bet he could make a run for the yearly title.


Nathaniel said...

Still my favorite chant of all time:

Ol' Ashley Cole,
is a f*ckin' arsehole!

Kevin said...

10 men went to bed (Cunt!)
Went to bed with Ashley...

phil said...

Tweedy, Tweedy, Tweedy
She cannot f*ckin sing
And when she's shagging Ahsley Cole
She dreams of Ledley King