Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: I'd poke her on Facebook

You know? Greek football is scary [Dirty Tackle]
Seattle may have lost their top scoring threat. And by lost, I mean he's just plain gone [SBI]
But it's OK. Ljungberg may be available for bench duty for the opener [Seattle Times]

Cheryl Cole is almost done with Ashley, again [Showbiz Spy]
Which has led Brit bookies to slash the odds on her leaving him [Mirror]
Picking the top and second XI out of Man U and Liverpool. I think he's being too nice to Liverpool in the first team. Seriously, where is Paul Scholes? [Soccernet]

Danielle Lloyd gets around, and apparently that's ripe fodder for making fun of the lass [The Offside Rules]


Mike Georger said...

To keep the porn motif a'truckin, she looks like I'd imagine Brandy Talore would if she stopped having kids.

... not that I expect any of you fine upstanding married men to know who I'm talking about.

Andrew said...

"Det. Moreland: Them Greeks sure have some weird-ass names.
McNulty: Hey, don't knock the Greeks. They invented civilization.
Det. Moreland: Yeah, and ass-fucking, too."

This is what I think of when I think of the Greeks.