Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Which Lingering Bursitis Angers Spurs Supporters and the whole of Russia

It all started innocently enough. In a post about players who should ply their trade elsewhere, our own Lingering Bursitis makes a passing reference about Roman Pavlyuchenko.

Said post then gets linked on a Spurs messageboard, together with the comment "I think he is right at some points." And then the more reasoned debate began -- with comments like "sorry, but what kind of kunt is called 'lingering'? just reminds me of a bad smell that wont fook off" -- culminating in the always effective "muppet" insult. But the final coup de'grace? An Arsenal supporter registers to the board, but only to rub salt in the Spurs' wounds.

But it gets even better. The post then gets picked up on a Russian messageboard. After the jump, see what the Russians said (or at least what Google Translate claims that the Russians said)...

We're guessing these are only "rough" translations:


03/10/09 10:35

Lingerin skunk stinking. Very stupid and govnyuk. You only in the yellow press to work in shorts so pick Prince Charles, Mr. and Romkinyh yet. ))


03/08/09 14:29

Bursitis Lingerin to terror is not a competent journalist


03/08/09 13:51

Author жжот))) Who should be the first zdut DAK is tovorischa Rednepa !!!!!!

RJ Level

03/08/09 13:43

This pen was apparently charged deleted Romku to complete. Not worth even translate this article. Biased trash.

Put honestly, is Pavs really worth all this venting of spleen. According to Spurs contingent and the Russians, indeed he is! And now our own poor Lingering Bursitis has been forced to hide out at an undisclosed location.


The Fan's Attic said...

In mother Russia, Pavs something something you.

Bigus Dickus said...

Автор жжот))) Кого первого должно здуть дак это товорища Реднепа !!!!!!

Oh that did make me laugh. Boy did I chuckle.

ü75 said...

Phil had better watch out also. His comment aroused suspicion.

jape said...

Can we start a petition to get Lingering's views authorized in England?

phil said...

All this proves is that we Spurs supporters have a better workrate than Pavluchenko.