Friday, March 13, 2009

I Hate the F**king Eagles, Man

(As anyone who's seen the Big Lebowski or can read the title would know, this vid is not quite safe for work.)

The Dude isn't the only one who hates the Eagles. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, so do the Salt Lake City High School Activities Association, who thought they had the Rio Tinto Stadium booked for this year's high school boys soccer finals. That was until the Eagles snatched the following night for their "Hell Is Still Freezing Over and People Are Still Willing to Fork Over Cash for our Never-Ending Tour."

We can only guess it'll take 24 hours to airlift in Don Henley's bloated body.

So the whitebread Mormons get to listen to the most whitebread of all rock bands, and the Salt Lake high school soccer teams will be playing the finals at Jordan High School instead. Personally, I'd rather pay to see high school soccer than the Eagles any day.

Oh, and know who else hates the Eagles? Steely Dan, at least according to Yacht Rock. (Also nsfw.... "EAGLES!")

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Magnakai Haaskivi said...

This can't be the only Hole in the World they can play the final at.