Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Backpasses: Wings? More like a heart attack

I know that Spain runs later than other countries. I know Barcelona usually plays at night. But is there any other explanation for this other than Iniesta is a Vampyr? [Kickette]
FIFA does not want Mario Gomez advertising for Austrian drinks after he scores. They must not be an official partner [The Spoiler]
Belgian ref awards penalty, thinks better of it, then demands keeper save the kick. He didn't [Off The Post]
New hoax footballer snuffed out early [The Offside]
Our favorite archivist talks about the legacy of the NASL. Bonus, you don't even have to read [MLS Talk]

Is Arsene getting paranoid? Or is he that much smarter than everyone else? [BBC]
Fulham could make the Europa League based on Fair Play. Not a repeat and one year later than America would care about [Soccernet]
Ticket (and other) troubles in Dallas. 5000 sold for league opener [Match Fit USA]
NYRB move match date to fit Becks' return. Too bad he will be injured [CSRN]
Biggest raises and cuts in saalry, by team, in MLS [The Best Eleven]

The picture that launched today's email thread into a wildly mutating (and well off-color) discussion on sexual preferences, wives and mums which is still raging. It's the gayest picture I've seen today. Cole's hand positioning just kills me [ONTD]


ü75 said...

Apparently Iniesta had a Melanin problem. I did not find any independent verification for this beyond the comments on Kickette, so I'm still going with Vampire.

Anonymous said...

He does have this kind of problem. Was in an article around Euro 2008. He has a pigmentation disorder. They looked into treatment for him as a kid but there isn't really one but he can't really go in the sun without protection.