Thursday, July 31, 2008

The End Is Near...Isn't It?

Rafa the rat? Something smells funny!

If I stay there will be trouble... if I go it will be double. Well, ok... no it won't, it would be rather nice. Champions league football, more money and a guaranteed 4th place finish in the Prem.

The Gareth Barry saga rolls on. It appears as if Martin O'Neill's latest bluff may have worked. O'Neill has stated that Liverpool had a deadline issued to them to meet Villa's valuation of Barry and it passed. This means that the want-away midfielder stays a Villa player and is no longer for sale. Clever old Martin. Barry is pacing, Rafa is cursing (or is he?).

"Absolutely delighted" and "relieved there is resolution and closure to the transfer saga. Now we can all look forward to the season ahead with relief, anticipation and ambition."
-Martin O'Neill on Barry 'staying'!

O'Neill: no nonsense!

O'Neill has talks set to take place with Barry today and the outcome could be that this little saga is over. Villa will surely point out that Liverpool have just spent 20 million pounds on Robbie Keane but have been playing silly buggers over Barry's value all summer. "Dey can't want yer that bad now can dey Gareth?"(Bad Irish accent)

Rafa has spent weeks bemoaning his need to off-load players before he can meet O'Neill's lofty price tag. His window to sign Barry just stopped an inch from the sill and if he is not quick, you can either expect a new contract at Villa for Barry making him their top earner by a lot of weekly wedge, OR maybe even a move elsewhere. Arsenal have been lurking but they too seem reluctant to spend 18 million on Barry [Ed. Note: they could also be hesitant because he's not a French teenager. Sorry, it had to be done.]

If he stays, you can expect a statement declaring dedication and devotion to the Villain cause. Barry will lament his mistake of wanting to leave and will desperately try to get the booing Villa fans back on his side. He will also probably get a hefty pay rise!

O'Neill's bluff is a no win for Benitez as he knows the feisty Villa boss means it... he also knows that if he does really want Barry and decides to stick his fingers on the window ledge, then Liverpool will be subject to sale-of-the-century bids for many of their players as their need to recoup the Barry fee grows desperate. Alonso will be the first bargain for sure.

But consider this... did they really think that Villa would fold? Even as they splashed 20 million on Keane? Seems odd that Barry was their focus for much of the summer only to be left dangling as Rafa emptied his red piggy bank on Daniel Levy's table. Perhaps it's all just a game. Could it be the mother of all smokescreens. Is another midfielder on his way? One that no one expected but many would like if they knew that he was available?

It wouldn't be the first time. Usually managers never announce the targets they really want to get their hands on. How many of you thought Keane was going to Liverpool? That one was right out of the blue and was a done deal in 3 days. Bigus smells a rat here!

Why would Rafa decide to air his laundry for all to see? Sure he has unsettled the player, but he could have done that via his agent... and you know he did! By negotiating the transfer in the open you just alert all of Alonso's suitors to your situation. No wonder he has not been flogged yet. Other clubs are playing the same game Rafa is!

Maybe he really thought that Villa would grant Barry his cut price move, that simple... "You've been a good servant to the club so you have lad... off yer go... 13 million? That's alright..we never spend more tan foive on a player anyways!"(Bad accent again)

The biggest loser?

The only loser here is Barry, as he's the one left to pick up the pieces. But don't feel too bad, he earns enough! One thing is for sure, O'Neill means business and will not risk his plans for the new season. Expect an end to this nonsense very soon!

- Bigus.

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Mike Georger said...

this move makes even less sense now that it seems theyre going to play a two striker formation (if they dont and just spent 19mil on a backup ... ). sorry bout it but barry on the left now is about as effective as bolo on the left. and while rafa thought bolo was good enough to start the athens game, he fucking sucked. and if he thinks for one second fans will back him if he plays barry over mascherano hes out of his fucking mind.

the fans have put up with alot from rafa, but i think if he sacrifices xabi for an inferior older player, there is going to be alot of turning on him.