Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Backpasses: He's all ears

A potato chip that looks like Gary Lineker. I'm surprised she didn't just eat it [Daily Mail]
US women's team trains in China. Looks healthy [The WNT Blog]
Be afraid. Joey Barton is on the loose again. With emo haircut at that [Guardian]
It's a few months old, but pretty cool. Interactive map of US players in Europe [The Best Eleven]

As ever, more links follow

Jamie Redknapp needs work, reviews boots [Daily Mail]
Is the EPL killing homegrown Nigerian football? [BBC]
Steve Nash is looking to be involved in Vancouver's MLS bid [The Globe and Mail]
Some pics from that hipster soccer event in NYC [Arkitip]

And, finally:
My local youth club is taking a couple of teams to Ireland and England this summer. Follow along at this blog [Carolina Elite SA]

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Mike Georger said...

excuse me, but north carolina has a monopoly on referring to things as 'carolina', chump