Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Is there a possible Rooney-White Bread joke?

Wayne Rooney to be the face of white bread in England [Brand Republic]
Portland throw their hat in the ring for MLS franchise [MLS Rumors]
Inside look at MLS's international scouting [ESPN]
10 kids to watch in the EPL [Daily Mail]

Yay! More links follow

Nigeria tries to convince Marseille that there is no scam involved in sending Taiwo to China [BBC]
Adebayor too expensive for a move, signs contract at Arsenal. How does the EPL let players get away with wristbands like that? [Daily Mail]
Lilian Thuram forced into retirement when physical scuttles move; finds life-threatening heart condition [BBC]

And, finally:
Your UEFA Cup and Champions League qualifying draws. Think McClaren's chuffed?


Mike Georger said...

ngog? really? after 45 minutes of play and two maybe three training sessions with his team, and zero with his strike partner keane he can surely be called a bust.

/fucking morons on the lfc message boards

(wouldve put nemeth over him on that list though honestly)

Mike Georger said...

wow cant wait to see the message board dicks react to ngog's first goal. very pretty.

Mike Georger said...

attn protestants: your boys have taken a hell of a beating today. a hell of a beating.