Saturday, February 2, 2008

Today's matches

I'm stuck at work this weekend (have I complained about this enough?). Meanwhile, a large medium-sized contingent of UF was at Kinsale, enjoying today's matches. Even Hirshey is somewhere in Arizona right now hanging out with Maradona, Beckham, a waitress, scorpions and the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson (or something like that). Well, here is a quick update on today's action, as seen from my office.

In the early game, Arsenal beat Man City, who are no longer undefeated at home and frankly have looked pretty poor the past couple months. At the beginning of the season, Sven-Goran said City would wind up mid-table. Looks like that might be accurate. Adebayor netted two goals and set up the third for the Gunners. I think that makes 400 goals in the last 10 matches. So Arsenal go back to the top of the table, until Man U played later in the day when....

Man U only manage a draw against Spurs (great defending on that corner in the 93rd minute), so Arsenal stay tops. I hate being such a pessimist, but champions always manage to get super late equalizers like that. I hope, hope, hope it doesn't happen, but Man U still look like they have what it takes to win the Premiership this year, barring another Rooney broken foot, or maybe another Munich Air Disaster (what, too soon?).

Chelsea-Portsmouth ends in a draw, with Defoe scoring in his first match for Pompey. Think he's happy to finally get into the starting lineup?

Liverpool returned to a bit of respectability today against Sunderland, but I'll leave that result to my fine Liverpudian friends.

Bolton ruins our contest by scoring two goals today against Reading, who haven't won in two months. But, not to worry, Bolton have Portsmouth, Blackburn, Liverpool and Man U coming up in the Premier League. The Wanderers shall be returning to their normal state of futility shortly.

And at the bottom of the table, Derby manage to get a draw (alert the media!) and even Wigan get a win against West Ham.

So, that was today's action. Right now our UF friends are probably still at Kinsale laughing and having a great time. Meanwhile, I'm here, doing God's work, or some such. And, sure this was very half-assed, but Deadspin isn't even bothering to do half-assed EPL recaps anymore (although fair play for this post), and besides no one reads the Internet on weekends, and I'm avoiding work, so why not?


ΓΌ75 said...

Bolton ruined no contest. I foresaw this!

(Will recant over next month, I'm sure)

The Fan's Attic said...

After a morning of playing soccer in the snow, Liverpool's win warmed me up nicely.