Monday, January 28, 2008

Not that wise!

The BBC is reporting that Likely Lad Dennis Wise has jumped ship at Leeds to become Kelvin Koogan's number 2 (likely) at Newcastle. In my opinion that's not such a wise move!

At Leeds, Wise was the manager of a team that is probably going to get promoted back to the Championship. He has taken them from 10 points adrift (after the administration debacle) to a team in the top 6. Remarkable feat really. Leeds have good support and Wise was backed by his mate ex-Chelsea supremo Ken 'I didn't do it' Bates in the transfer market. The future was rosy and if Leeds were to get promoted who's to say that a bigger team would not have taken note and offered him the number one job elsewhere?

Joining the Newcastle revolution is surely a step backwards no? It really doesn't make much sense. I guess the little fella is either motivated by cash or just plain daft. I think the latter probably applies. He may learn a few tricks from Koogan but when will he next get the chance to put it into practice?


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E-town Hooligan said...

he doesn't have to work so hard now. he doesn't do well with pressure. Number two is good for this little fella. remember the 'mole" scandal last season. he's insane.