Monday, January 28, 2008

A new week of Cup Action

After the bus accident, it all went downhill for Senegal on Sunday, as they were beaten in a Shocker (and not the shocker we all know and love) by Angola and Tunisia is sending South Africa back home sooner then expected.

Sunday's Matches
Senegal 1 - Angola 3 A total stunner to myself as I expected Senegal to take care of business. However, the power of the Header can not be denied, first with a Manuchu equalizer. Give him props, even if he plays for ManU. Then there was a brilliant header by Flavio which sealed the deal. Senegal will still probably advance, but Angola is one of the northern African suprises.

Tunisia 3-1 South Africa Less of a suprise, and more showing that many of what I call the Northern African teams are playing very inspired ball. Yet another sweet header by Dos Santos. These games were way better than the Saturday games, and makes up for the sloppy play.

Monday's Matches

Ghana 0-0 Morocco, A, 1700
Guinea 0-0 Namibia, A, 1700

Group A shows all four teams with the possibility of advancing, but Namibia is the slimmest of Chances. Ghana needs only a point to advance, and if that match is a graw Morocco will advance. It's all very muddled for these folks.

In Other News, the coach of Senegal resigns after the poor showing in their match on Saturday. Hey son, you still have one more match left. Suck it up and stick it out!

Also, you have to give it up to the Zambian president, who refused to pay African Cup Rights. President Mwanawasa (say that 3 times fast) feels that it would of been wrong to spend the money on television rights when they are trying to help flood victims. "You can imagine what you can do with 5 billion kwacha (1.2 million dollars), given this needy situation. Misplacing that priority would be like buying beer when people are suffering," was his comment. Well said, though it begs to wonder why the government has to pay for the cup rights. Oh yea, they control the television stations.

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