Thursday, January 31, 2008

Eto'o is Enough for Cameroon

Samuel Eto'o pulled a brace setting a new record in goals, and helping the Cameroonians reach the quarter finals. Meanwhile, Egypt squeaked in with a draw. Zambia and Sudan are on their way home as Group C has been settled.

Wednesday's Results

Cameroon 3-0 Sudan Eto'o's two goals pushed him ahead of Laurent Poku of the Ivory Coast, who previously held the record of African Cup Goals. The Barcalona striker has been a beast this tournament. He toyed with the Sudanese. I'm thinking he heard that his country received some camels from Libya, and was looking to put a request in for one.

Egypt 1-1 Zambia Egypt came out in their attack formation, determined to win and not hope for the draw. But once their first goal on a great volley that showed some great play. The play was almost dead as the feed outside was too hard, but Moawad made a great save and cross, and Zaki was there to place it in. Sweet! When Zambia equalized, they did it was equal panache, on a great finish by Katongo. The Danish footballer side-stepped the Egyptian defenders and settled it into the near post.

Cameroon will play the winner of Group D on Sunday.

Thursday's Matches

Senegal v South Africa, D, 17:00
Tunisia v Angola, D, 17:00

The last matches in group play, then a few days off before the quarter finals kick in on Sunday. Senegal and South Africa have little chance, and lots of luck will be needed. Primarily a clear victory in the Tunisia/Angola match. Senegal was picked to go far in the tourney, and now is likely going home. A sad state for them. Tunisia and Angola need to really draw for both to advance. Otherwise it will fall into one of those complicated goal differential equations that we'll skip for now.

Over the weekend we'll run a recap of the Tables, and highlight some of the nice scores so far. Mostly because I like watching video of little balls spinning around and hearing middle aged men scream in languages I can't yet dechiper.

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