Saturday, February 2, 2008

Don't Fuck with Otay Ranch

Because they will set your facts straight.

Coach Eduardo Jimenez Arenas showed San Ysidro's fighting spirit when, after an Otay Ranch player fouled one of his own, he started choking the player. If that weren't enough, he then punched another player in the face who tried to stop the choking.

At that point, all hell broke loose. Two hundred spectators and players are said to hav.e joined in a melee on the pitch. When the cops arrived, the fighters scattered, because no one likes getting pepper sprayed. Arenas has been arrested, with charges to follow.

I'll say this, Millwall fans better think twice about that American tour if it stops in San Ysidro. Them folks will fuck you up.

All apologies for the previous misstatements. No harm was meant.

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Melina said...

This doesn't make any sense, because the coach was FROM SAN YSIDRO, not from Otay. The kids who got hurt were from Otay's team. So, get your facts straight because I was there. You can also look it up the story online.

Here's a link

Maybe you should change some of the information you posted.