Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guinea and Ghana are moving on up...

Ghana breaks out the Rally Caps and uses the power of the home field (along with a touch of Essien) to put down Morocco, and move onto to the quarter-finals. Guinea needed only a draw, and they managed to do just that against a prideful Namibia squad who didn't fold when they could of.

Monday's Matches

Ghana 2 - 0 Morocco Michael Essien was the man of the match, showing the world why he's the best Chelsea striker that wears pants. Look at Essien's no-look volley for his first goal. Truly a work of high speed art. He follows that one up with a near post score that left the poor Moroccan goalie flat-footed. Morocco can always take solace in the fact they can soon shoot down the competition next time they fall behind.

Guinea 1 - 1 Namibia Guinea needed just a draw to move forward, and this match dragged out. They scored in the 62nd minute on a long ball that left Namibia defenders a bit off-guard. Namibia equalized it with a low strike, and they finished the match more stronger and more aggressive than Guinea.

Tuesday's Matches

Ivory Coast v Mali, B, 17:00
Nigeria v Benin, B, 17:00

Ivory Coast is assured of moving forward with their 2-0 record, but Mali needs at least a tie to be able to move forward. We'll see how lax Ivory Coast plays this one. Nigeria, on the other hand, is a loss away from losing their manager. Vogts will either step down, or he will be fired if Nigeria do not advance. Should he be on the block? Mali is a better team than they are given credit for. Nigeria has to beat Benin by two goals, and hope that Ivory Coast defeats Mali.

Other News
In other news, Egyptian midfielder Aboutrika showed off shirt under his uniform showing his support for Gaza. He's been warned, and he swears he won't do it again.

Meanwhile, South Africa is having major power problems. Due to strong growth, they are having problems meeting demands. Why is this a problem now? Well, in 2010, the World Cup is scheduled to be played there. Of course, Officials from South Africa rush to assure everyone there is no problem. Not at all. Personally, two years is too early to panic on such things. I like to save my panicking until the last moment, but I'm not much of a planner.

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