Friday, February 1, 2008

Nothing like a questionable draw

Two draws, one of them was well-played, but the other match was played by nancy boys too scared to lose. But now the quarterfinal matches are all filled out, and we're ready to move forward.

Thursday's Matches

Tunisia 0 - 0 Angola Both teams needed a draw, and they both acted like it. Too timid to play an aggressive style, and settled into a long ball, passing game of little consequence. I curse both teams for this, and I suspect the soccer gods will down on them. Before this match, I was thinking of putting Angola into the Semi-finals, but less now. Angola advanced for the first time ever.

Senegal 1 - 1 South Africa Now this was a match played by teams who knew they had little chance unless they won, but played strong. South Africa got things started with a really great von Heerden volley, that followed a really clinical example of a 6+ pass run starting at the keeper and ending in the back of the opponent's net. Senegal tied it up a Camara's score after getting behind a South African mistake.

No matches until the Quarter Finals on Sunday. I'm hoping to have a recap over the weekend before the Quarterfinal matches, and some predictions for the finals.

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