Sunday, January 27, 2008

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I have no idea where Friday went. I do know where saturday went, and I want to thank those who brought me those brownies. Thanks. Friday's matches weren't very exciting, and Saturday's matches where all over before they started. We're all hoping Sunday will bring us back to some action more in line with what we've witnessed so far.
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Friday's Results
Nigeria 0-0 Mali This doesn't look good for Nigeria, and for the first time in recent history, are in trouble of not advancing to the world cup. Mali played an attacking style and kept Nigeria out of the goal. They need to win their next match and hope Mali does not draw against Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast 4-1 Benin Poor Benin. They were outplayed severly today. I won't even show any goals, because they are mostly examples of defenders poorly marking their players. If you need an example, you should watch the early part of the Liverpool Havant and Waterlooville match.

Saturday Results

Cameroon 5-1 Zambia The biggest news out of this match was Eto'o scoring his 14 goal in Cup play, which equals the old record, set almost 40 years ago. Even though this score was a bit lopsided, their was some fine scores: A nice free kick from Geremi was the sweetest goal of this contest. Eto'o was on a penalty kick which he should almost do blindfolded to give Zambia a chance. Now Zambia will be bag packing.

Egypt 3-0 Sudan Another match, where one side essentially outplayed the other. Egypt is making a strong showing so far with their style of play. Yet again, three goals that were more examples of defensive breakdown than superb play.

More match fixing The match fixing stories are starting to fly fast and furious now. Namibia were offered $30,000 per player to throw a match. I find this one specious - all Namibia had to do was show up and get their ass handed to them. They may be a team that believes in fair play, but they may also need to cash.

Sunday's Matches

Senegal v Angola, D, 17:00 These matches will sort out this group. Senegal played Tunisia to a 2-2 draw, while Angola drew with South Africa. Senegal should win this match, though it this group is proving to be the most interesting.

Tunisia v South Africa, D, 19:30Tunisia, who spent a good deal of time whining during their match with Senegal, will try their luck on their refs in this match. This one should be less interesting.

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