Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where has he been??????

The re-appearance of Kelvin Koogan from behind the rock he was hiding is becoming a very strange story. Stranger by the hour. I have just finished watching a video on the BBC website. Mr Koogan says that he has not watched a football match since leaving Man City. Hmmm....Someone better fill him in on what he's missed!

Kelvin old chap. Here's a brief list of players you can expect to come across. Just remember that Albert has retired and Leeds are no longer a 'big club'.

Christiano Ronaldo - Fast twat

Nani - Dodgy-haired twat

Chimbonda - French twat

Fabregas- Flamboyant twat

Walcott - Teenage twat

Agbonlahor - Unpronounceable twat

Nicky Hunt - Nasty twat

Robert Earnshaw - Ugly twat

Andrei Shevchenko - Old twat

Michael Ballack - Useless twat

Wayne Rooney - Chav twat

Javier Mascherano -Argentinian twat

Nemeth - Forgotten twat

Carlos Tevez - Short twat

Lee Carsley - Fat twat

Elano - Tricky twat

Andy Johnson - Diving twat

Freddie Ljungberg - Bald twat

Joey Barton - Violent twat

Dimitar Berbatov - Overrated twat

David Bentley - Underrated twat

Robbie Keane - Irish twat

Jermaine Defoe - Unwanted twat

Ashley Young - Expensive twat

Robbie Savage - Twat twat

There you go Kev. I think you will be alright now. Oh wait...Maybe you should watch some games......yeah maybe alot of games...Good luck now....(under breath) You'll need it!



The NY Kid said...

I'm impressed that you only used each twat once.

Wait, what?

Bigus Dickus said...

Twat! :)