Thursday, January 17, 2008

Grand nez, s'en mele

When will that curly mopped French gonad Michel Platini learn to mind his own business?

First he stuck his nose into the selection of England manager and then he tried to change the Premier League, and now he wants to put officials in the penalty box. As I vent, goal line technology is being tested to make sure that howlers like the one at Old Trafford 2 seasons ago never get scooped out of the net again (nice one Roy! Wink wink).

But that's not Michel's plan! Ohhh no....he wants one or two more refs standing in the box, getting in the way!

Adding another ref to the box for free kicks and corners is stupidity personified.

What will happen when one of Bentley's 'bending' in-swingers hits the official's noggin and finds the top corner? One set of fans is going to be pissed when a shot is deflected of the ref's backside and bobbles in or bounces wide.

Mr. Platini was a great player but has been nothing but a pain in the arse to common sense since some moron allowed him to stick his oar into the vast soccer sea. Was it fat Sepp? Bet it was that fat pillock Sepp. It was wasn't it?

Genghis Khan* was a great warlord and a ruthless leader (apparently he could decapitate a fella with his eyes shut) but I don't think he would have made much of a Foreign secretary though.

Platini should be remembered for his mazy runs, that tumble-weed mop on his noodle and the brilliance he showed against Brazil in the '82 World Cup. Quite frankly, he is starting to get on my tits.

Take some advice from the fans, Michel. Va te faire foutre, s'il vous plait.


* If anyone in Asia got the shivers at the mention of his name and hid in a closet, I apologize.


The NY Kid said...

That sort of language is not acceptable.

I love Platini and what he did for France, and what he has done for the game over the past few years, but his idea is ridiculous.

Bigus Dickus said...

LOL. Thats why its in French.

I like watching him too but I wish he would stick to signing sessions and garlic gala's.

The NY Kid said...

Well, at least you said please.

badly drawn boykins said...

For the record, I am Japanese and the name Khan - Ghengis, Kublai or otherwise - does unnerve me. The Mongol hordes tried to invade Japan twice and failed.

Oh, and Platini is the modern day equivalent of Pele.

JT said...


/easy star trek joke

The NY Kid said...

Poor Boykins - he can never go to Mongolian Barbecue.

Bigus Dickus said...

Well not without a sword anyway.

badly drawn boykins said...

um, I meant to say "does *not* unnerve me".

It's one advantage to being an island nation - it's a bitch to invade without a WMD.

The Fan's Attic said...

does a 15 year age difference really separate Platini as "modern age" and Pele as, uh, "pre-modern age"? I guess the question is whether Pele wasn't in the Modern Age? Their respective professional careers overlapped from 1972 to 1977.