Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Corruption: as Italian as pizza-flavoured gelato

Actual trophy: second best to trophy wife, but what can you do?

Barely a fucking month into his tenure as England's national manager, and Capello's in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Italian prosecutors launched an inquiry into Capello's earnings as Juventus boss as part of a wider probe into allegations of corruption at the club.
It sounds worse than it is, apparently. Basically, Italian authorities are much more interested in corruption within the club, but the law states that because Capello earned more than 200,000 euros a year while there, he has to be looked at as part of the routine.

Capello's son Pierfilippo spoke to the BBC, maintaining Daddy's innocence:

"This is a simple investigation involving his fiscal position. This kind of investigation is going on with a number of famous people in Italy with big cash flows. They want to understand how he was paid at Juventus. We're very confident about it and comfortable that everything is clear."
Still, it's never good to be associated with corruption. Look at Enron. Look at Bruce Grobbelaar. Look at Volkswagen. Look at Samsung.

Capello is confident the inquiries will amount to nothing, but it doesn't look good on the old resume. Is it too late to chase Guus Hiddink for England boss? He'd be a excellent fi..... oh. Wait. Never mind.


Ian said...

To be fair, I think he's got a point. I mean, can you be a rich Italian celebrity and not get busted for tax evasion? Its the national pastime. Look at Alberto Tomba or Mario Cippolini.

Bigus Dickus said...

Sour fucking grapes. They just want to fuck with him for taking the big job and betraying his country. We will have to play em at some point. You know it!