Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not bothered...Honest.

Bury 2 Norwich 1

First came shock. Followed very quickly by a shrug of the shoulders. My beloved Norwich were sent out of the FA Cup last night by struggling League 2 minnows Bury. But this morning I could care less. Not bothered. You see this Saturday's potential point haul means so much more. Were we going to lift the FA Cup this year? Not a hope. More chance of Spurs breaking into the top four sometime before 2025.

This Saturdays opponents Leicester are one place below and only a point back. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that a win could see us wave good bye to the thoughts of relegation that threatened our season and signal the start of a surge to the playoffs. Playoffs...Playoffs.....Playoffs? (sorry had visions of the Jim Mora Coors ad)

Am I nuts? No. Not at all. Sheffield Wed have a tough tie with their neighbors in the steel city derby. Preston have a tough trip to Stoke and Scunthorpe will host a reeling Wolves. I expect all three to lose. By 5 pm on Saturday we could be 7 points away from danger and 7 from the coveted 6th spot. To be a Norwich fan over the next few weeks could be very exciting indeed. The next 8 games will be make or break and provide trips to Southampton, Cardiff and Leicester and home games with Leicester, Barnsley, Hull, Preston and Blackpool. If the league form continues and Norwich continue to pick up 55% of league points, as they currently are, under Roeder then the playoffs will be a reality come May. Fact not fiction. AND if super Glenn gets the players in he wants in this January, we could well be in for an exciting time.

With regards to that embarrassing loss last night? Bury deserved it... and good luck to them. Because for them a cup run means so much more than it does for us.



JT said...

Liar! It is eating you up inside!

Bigus Dickus said...

Nah... honest. Now if we lose at home to Leicester on saturday I will be furious!