Friday, January 18, 2008

Ta da!

Newcastle United are really milking their appointment of Kelvin Koogan as new manager. He was appointed on Wednesday. Took training Thursday and according to the BBC's dramatic headlines today Newcastle are "poised to unveil" their king and then "parade" him!

I'll set the scene for you. Geordie mug, I mean billionaire backer Mike Ashley will wait in the wings with his curly haired messiah jammed in a box. As the press gathers, thousands take a day off work to stand outside hoping for a glimpse of King Kelvin.

Fireworks will go off and out pops Koogan to rapturous applause. Oooo. Kelvin Koogan. What a surprise! "Watch out United, you are in trouble now! Remember what he achieved at Man City right under your nose? Oh yeah." He will then be dragged around town on the back of a milk cart waving and screaming "I'll love it if we beat them!"

Enough already! This is just an another classic example of how everything on Tyneside becomes a circus. The sooner they realize that they have no divine right to be a Top-4 side, the better. Let Kelvin get to work and get on with it.

Geordie fans have been celebrating as if they have won the Champions League. If this is how they act over Kelvin Koogan, then I would hate to be in town when they release the Byker Grove box set.

I like Koogan as much as the next guy. I think the Premier League is better off for having him in it. But the so-called "Geordie nation" needs to take a chill pill. He is not the Messiah. He is not Capello, nor is he Ferguson either. Newcastle United and the Premier League today are a very different proposition compared to when the former England man was there last.

Geordies need to lower their expectations and fast, or Koogan's third spell at the club will end in far less spectacular fashion than it started. Welcome back Kev!


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