Monday, January 14, 2008

Lessons in Communication

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And so, the most obvious rumour in recent memory has been confirmed, albeit with the clumsiest remarks since Brian Clough held a press conference.

Tom Hicks revealed that he did talk extensively to Klinsmann back in November about taking over as manager. There, it's out now. Move on with your lives, media folk. No more to say.

Except for this:

"We attempted to negotiate an option as an insurance policy... if Rafa left for Real Madrid or other clubs rumoured, or in case our communication spiralled out of control."
Anyone else catch what he tried to do there?

They talked to Klinsmann in case Rafa left of his own accord, and not really in case their fractured relationship finally shattered. It was Real Madrid they were most afraid of, not their inability to look each other in the eye and talk without running teary-eyed to the papers first.

Forget the fact that Rafa's done nothing but beg, plead, scratch and claw to keep his job, doing everything short of physically fellating Shankly's statue outside the Kop End. Don't forget Hicks going on record at the end of October about how Rafa's the right man for the job. So what changed?

This "story" is the result of one of three things:
1. Simple miscommunication
2. Duplicity on the part of Hicks & Gillett [which wouldn't surprise me]
3. Desperate PR efforts to repair public image

Whichever it is, I honestly don't really care. I just want this business to stop distracting the day-to-day business at Anfield.

This whole business is very unlike Liverpool FC. Backchat, backstabbing, confusing comments in the media, general dishonesty. Results on the pitch are suffering, and that's all that should matter, not this who-has-the-bigger-dick competition between management and ownership.

It's pathetic, and has no place here. Guess that's what we get for accepting American owners.

The main problem here is that the two sides have to communicate through Gillett's son Foster, because neither Hicks nor Gillett are based in the UK. They're absentee landlords, and every piece of communication gets filtered through the middleman to both sides. Is it any wonder they can't see eye-to-eye?

Remember this though, cowboy overlords: A football team is for life, not just for Christmas. Don't skimp out on your loans and leave with pockets full of money.

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Bigus Dickus said...

They will learn fast that you do not mess with an englishmans team!

Liverpool aint Baltimore Mr Hicks!