Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick Throw: The Swap is Confirmed.

That hilarious swapsies deal this morning between Inter Milan and Barcelona is actually happening! It's Ibrahimovic to the Nou Camp and Samuel Eto'o to the San Siro. No word yet whether other players are involved.

This summer is insane. Why are so many top-end players changing hands?


Mike Georger said...

Inter and Juventus are getting a lot better this summer methinks. And Milan are dying a hilaaaaaarious death.

As much as I dislike Italy, Juventus getting good again is imperative for them being an actual European power when it comes to the Champions League, because Roma just ain't ever gonna cut it.

Anonymous said...

Wait - Talks are confirmed. Nothing has happened yet. Right?

JT said...

The two sides have agreed to the deal. It's just up to the players to agree on the personal terms.

EbullientFatalist said...

@Georger: Agreed about Inter and Juve. The Italians are trying to reassert their dominance in the CL, but I can't say I welcome it. The Eye-ties don't play the swift attacking/quick, short passing ball I like to watch. Not that many teams play that way, but if I have to endure CL seasons where catennacio is employed routinely, I may do very bad things.

Also, you guys know what's funny? Ask a Sicilian which of his/her parents was from Africa. They LOVE hearing that question.


Whizalen said...

I don't get it...barca is sending Eto'o, Hleb (on loan) AND €40mil for Ibrahimovich? Seems a bit much to me

odyssey said...

Not that many teams play that way, but if I have to endure CL seasons where catennacio is employed routinely, I may do very bad things.
Enlighten me, please, when was the last time Italian clubs employed catenaccio in CL? Granted, none of them has "swift attacking/quick, short passing ball" as their signature gameplan like Barca (though perhaps Roma could come close), but CL matches involving Italian clubs in at least this decade were quite entertaining and no catenaccio IMO (MU v Inter last season, Juve v RM in 2003 & last season, Roma v MU in 2008).

@Whizalen I second that, mate. Seems like a questionable valuation for a CL dud.

EbullientFatalist said...

@odyssey: AC Milan in the 2nd half of the 05 CL final shut down until 'Pool drew the match level.(Let's not forget Milan had opportunities in the early part of the second half to end the match, but was content to sit back and let Pool attack in waves.) Meee-lan again in 08 against L'Arse, when an arguably over-matched Gunner squad went to the San Siro and emerged two-nilsies. (The first leg of the tie ended 0-0, with Milan very rarely venturing forward.) Inter-Utd this past season - I thought it a very, very drab tie, with the occasional brilliance from United. Inter showed me nothing.

jjf3 said...

I think that the deal, as it has been described (swap, Hleb loan plus 40MM to Inter) is a huge win for Inter, but I have to wonder about 2 things:
1) How awful must Eto'o be to deal with as a coach, and in the lockerroom, that Barcelona is throwing in extras to essentially beg Inter to take the deal? I know Jose is sure he can manage anyone, but doesn't that raise any flags? (and, yes, they won the CL with his "issues", I'm aware)
2) If its a reasonable assumption that Barca is happy to put its future at Messi's feet, do you really want a true #1 striker who thinks he deserves to always lead the team in scoring and gets moody when he perceives any slights? No question Ibra is also a diva, but he seems much more aware of his teammates and the concept of an "assist" than Eto'o does (not that either is unselfish, mind you...).

Just thrown out for thoughts, or rejections...