Friday, January 9, 2009

C-Ron Ferrari Update: Good Luck with Insurance Ronnie.

Yesterday Christiano Ronaldo totalled his Ferrari on the way to training. The details were a little sketchy at the time, but now we know more, I'll bestow a brief update upon you.

The motor:
The car was a Ferrari 599 GT Fiorano capable of 0-62 in 3.7 secs and a top speed of 206mph. The car cost Ronaldo 200 thousand U.K pounds. The red Ferrari was just 2 days old and ordered a month ago from a Portuguese dealership. So how long does it take C-Ron to save up for a 200 thousand pound car? Just 2 weeks.

The crash:
Ronaldo wrote off the motor in a 50 mph zone and this is the area where the police investigation will focus. Was he driving too fast? He passed a breathalyzer test at the scene but police will still want to know what happened. How did he lose control of the car? Team mate Manucho was also in the vehicle but I'm sure Manucho saw nada! The Angolan (like C-Ron) escaped unscathed.

Both were taken to training from the scene by Edwin Van der Sar who was following Ronaldo's car at the time of the incident. Ronaldo left training later in the day in his 150 thousand pound Bentley. The flashy git also owns a Rolls Royce Phantom (350 thousand UKP), 2 Porsche Cayennes, a Porsche 911, a BMW M6 and of course a newly crumpled-up Ferrari Fiorano.

Ronaldo may have a collection of fabulous cars but he may not be able to drive them. The AA says that Ronaldo is un-insurable in the UK.

We cannot find anybody who would touch him with a bargepole. The minimum age to get insured for that car would be 25 and then the best price we could find would be £44,000 but if the person had had an accident that would go up to around £100,000."
- AA spokesman.

Poor C-Ron. Maybe he can get his mum to drive him and his mates around, like the old days. Next stop the roller-rink! Anyone want to stop for French fries?


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