Thursday, January 8, 2009

Caption Competition: FA Cup.

We have a winner! I asked for witty captions for the above image of Hartlepool's Michael Nelson and Jammie McCunnie celebrating the win over Stoke City and we had eleven entries. Not great was it? Eleven. Better than a kick in the balls I spose.

Anyway, the winner is PHIL! Well done mate. You win free speach in the form of a UF blog post. Send your scribble to unprofessionalfoul [at] gmail [dot] com.

The winning caption: Is this what they mean by "the romance of the Cup"?


jjf3 said...

Congrats, Phil! Well done.

And this whole Defoe Pompey-Spurs transfer deal has become quite the nearly-Tevez-level clusterfuck - all 3 sides are equally screwed at the end of the day...

phil said...

Defoe kind of screwed the pooch by demanding some bonus money, then Tony Adams, ever the gooner, got all pissy when Defoe was paraded at the Lane before the deal was signed. It's a mess.