Thursday, January 8, 2009

Move On People...Please!

The case of Carlos Tevez's ineligibility to play for West Ham during the EPL (suck it Barclay's) relegation dog fight of the 2006/2007 season still refuses to go away. Mainly because Sheffield United refuse to admit that they were crap. Am I the only one who has had enough of this nonsense?

The case against West Ham is set to roll on as the Premier league and FA open another investigation into Carlos Tevez's contract and it's existence.

West Ham United had told the Premier League that the contract in question (which made Carlos Tevez's status as a EPL player illegal due to third party ownership) had been destroyed. But the Independent Arbitrary Tribunal, chaired by Lord Griffiths, reported that the contract was in fact not shredded as stated . West Ham's Chief Executive Scott Duxbury and the Lawyer for Tevez's agent (Kia Joorabchian) told the panel of the contract's existence. The Premier League allowed Tevez to play crucial run-in games for West Ham based on the fact the contract had been destroyed.

The new inquiry will focus on West Ham's dealings with Joorabchian and whether the existence of the contract should warrant more punishment. The Hammers have already been fined 5.5 million pounds for their part in the controversey.

Meanwhile Sheffield United are still chasing 50 million pounds they reckon they are owed by West Ham after they were relegated from the Premier League in May 2007.

Sheffield United: Relegated on goal difference.

The reason Sheffield United were relegated was because they were crap over 38 games and not because Carlos Tevez played for West Ham United. Tevez is just one player. A good one but 'one' player regardless. The Blades are just looking for free cash or an excuse to explain their miserable failure to beat Wigan at Bramall lane on the last day of the season.

The real reason Sheffield United find themselves in the Coca Cola Championship is that they only accumulated 38 points during 38 games. They lost 20 times, conceding 55 goals. They only scored 32 goals and choked at home on the last day of the season when they lost to Wigan and were relegated by ONE goal in the goal differential column of the EPL table.

Ever since they were sent down, they have bitched and moaned about the Tevez affair incesantly. West Ham have been punished and a new regime has been installed at Upton Park. The main players in the Tevez affair are long gone and Tevez himself no longer plays at the club. West Ham are in financial trouble and the current owners are looking to sell. Should the next chairman, three removed from Terry Brown (Chairman in 06/07), have to pay the price?

Sheffied United and Blades Chairman Kevin McCabe need to ask themselves how they managed to blow their big opportunity to survive and allow former player David Unsworth to score the winning goal that sent them back to the second tier of English football. They need to take ownership for their predicament and stop blaming a piece of paper. West Ham have been fined and the parties involved have all moved on. Tevez is at United and Terry Brown is no longer at West Ham. If the contract exists or not, it's irrelevant at this point. The decision was made and the fine handed out.

Lets all move on shall we?



Kyle B. said...

WHU should have been docked points. The only reason they were not was because the fools put in charge of determining their punishment thought docking points would "compromise the competition" or some garbage, ignoring how commonly these competitions are compromised at lower levels (we love you, Luton Town!).

Had L'pool been in a compromised position, they would still be raising all holy hell about this. The only reason people want to move on is because it is Sheffield United, and not Manchester United. I don't disagree they were not a great team in that years competition. But, much as Droysdale learnt this season, when you commit a violation of the rules, there are consequences. The consequences handed down to WHU were not fitting of the crime.

Simply stated, the Hammers should have been deducted points, were not, and that dictated who remained in the competition the following year. Were the right thing done years ago, we all could have moved on. Rather now (alert - political metaphor approaching), your logic is akin to that of the GOP in 2002, asking Americans to "get over" Bush v. Gore, all the while enjoying the fruits of power.

Succinctly, get bent.

phil said...

So, I guess the answer to BD's question is "No."

Mike Georger said...

Wow. Kyle just pulled down his pants, shaved his bleep, and bleeped Bigus right in the bleep.

I would like to thank West Ham for Mascherano though.

Keith said...

meh. Sheff U would have just been dropped the next season.

The NY Kid said...

Objectively, I have to agree with Kyle here. It's simple math: How many goals did Tevez score when he should not have been playing? And by how many goals did the Blades get relegated?

But succinctly? I think not?

Bigus Dickus said...

They were relegated by goal difference with Wigan, not West Ham, who they failed to beat when they had the chance on the last day of the season. While I appreciate Kyle's passion for his blades and his argument, the punsihment has been delt and paid. It's over! If Sheffield United had beaten Wigan at home or gathered more than the paltry 38 points they did, we would not be having this discussion. West Ham are a completley different club now. Different board, owner and Chief Executive. You cannot punish them further. The FA had their chance and they didn't dock points. Blades fans should vent anger at them, not WHU. All of this does not detract from the original point..It's stale and boring now.

Flogging a dead horse Kyle.

Good luck against my lot on Saturday. You won't need it, we defend our goal like Hamas defends Gaza.

Mike Georger said...

Tevez scored the winner against United on the last day of the season I remember that much.

Kyle B. said...

Perhaps most unbelievably, I'm not even a Blades supporter. I just think the whole situation was terribly unfair.

Thoroughly enjoy the site and any and all comparisons of Colaship defenses to Middle Eastern warfare.

Bigus Dickus said...

Unfair or not, this thing is draging on after the club were fined and the book closed. The FA are to blame and you are right, Luton and Bournemouth were docked and Droylsden lost out in the FA Cup to Chesterfield, but I have had it up to Georgers neck with this story. Sheffield United simply cannot chase West Ham for 50million quid. It's nuts.

Andrew said...

The only one who didn't seem to get burnt in this situation was Tevez. No no, that doesn't work . . .

Can't everyone just put their best face forward and move along?

There we go.

Bigus Dickus said...

Whats funny is...United's fee will go to Kia, and if the contract was not in existence, he'd be on a free. So will United be breaking the rules when they sign Tevez?

Ibracadabra said...

Save a club from relegation whilst breaking a bunch of transfer rules. So easy a Caveman could do it.