Friday, January 9, 2009

Yahoo Fantasy Football Midseason Report Card

There are a few UF fantasy footie leagues this season. The most populated league is the Yahoo Fantasy Football league with demand so great a second league had to be created. The UF contingent appears split on the best league, either the YFF game or the Official Premier League game. My favorite is YFF because of the many ways to score points. One of my foes in a private league has offered up his YFF opinions and insight to UF. Gman, as he's known, is a worthy fantasy foe and in my experience has top notch insight to the games.

Today, UF runs Gman's midseason report card.


We’re at the halfway point of the season. While we’re all interested in whether a team will assert itself for the title or who’s going to escape the drop, many of us are more concerned where our Yahoo! Fantasy Football teams are. Let’s look at some of the Winners and Losers of this fantasy season so far.


Lamps was money in fantasy terms three years ago. The last two years has seen his star wane as Cristiano Ronaldo has been a fantasy monster. But this year, Frank has been sneaky good. It’s a weird Chelsea team in that no one is really dominating. But Lampard has brought consistency with 13.68 points per game. Slightly behind Ronaldo, but well ahead in value.

Craven Cottage hasn’t been a place to look for fantasy points the last few years, minus a Simon Davies explosion. Ever since Louis Saha left, they’ve been more concerned with avoiding the drop than filling stat sheets. But there are fantasy options for Fulham this season. Especially on the back line. The secret has been out for awhile on John Paintsil, but Schwarzer and Hangeland are averaging 7 points a game as well. Bullard is the real star this year averaging 11 points a game and he’s only scored twice. If he stays healthy(possible, but not probable), then his PPG might outpace his initial price(11.60), which is what every player should aim to do.

Sometimes fantasy value doesn’t always go hand in hand with real team value. But that relationship is in lockstep with Ashley Young and Villa this year. His brace against Everton not only cemented Villa’s status as contenders but confirmed himself as a future Thierry Henry in fantasy terms.

I remember watching Bosingwa intently in Euro ’08 playing for Portugal, knowing that he was going to be a fantasy commodity in August. When he came onto YFF at 5 points, I was ecstatic. Long story short, his first few games left a lot to be desired. I dropped him and have since regretted it. For those who kept the faith in him, he might become the best value in the game by the end of the season.

This guy was roasted coming into the EPL because people thought he was just doing it for the money(god forbid someone should try to make as much money as they can). In 15 games, he has justified his price tag, fantasy and otherwise. I saw him play in Santos as a teenager, as he played with Diego and Alex. Someone told me that Diego was the real star. Who are you putting your money on now?


Ronaldo isn’t a disaster this season, but so far he is not earning his fantasy value. I don’t know much about football, but what I see is a changed player and team. And it has fantasy ramifications. Last year, Man U would build up and pass out to Ronaldo. He’d dance over the ball, take on a defender or two and shoot. This would result in a corner won, a shot on target or most likely a goal. Not this year. Ronaldo has for some reason turned into a passing machine. And the build up is through the middle with Carrick and Berbatov. If this pattern doesn’t change, then Ronaldo loses all fantasy relevance.

I just don’t see it out there. Maybe it’s the service. Maybe last year he was on HGH. Whatever the case, Adebayor just doesn’t look the threat.

‘Don’t cry for me Argentina!’ Ok. I know he’s from Paraguay, but can I shed a tear for his abysmal first half? Blackburn is bad and all, but what the f---? This guy was a nice sleeper last year. This year, he just looks asleep.

Last year, Steinsson was sort of like that band that you discovered before everyone else. He was like Alan Hutton, except a better value. This year, he came out of the gates well with a goal. But since then, he’s gone like totally chic to totally geek.

In previous seasons, I’m sure were a lot of Bentley posters up on the walls of fantasy players. This year, they’ve been torn down. Blame Juande, the crowded midfield, etc. Whatever the reason, this has been a steep fall for a fantasy god. Can we please get him back on the wing serving in wicked crosses?

2ND HALF PREDICTIONS – The great thing about YFF is that you can adjust week-to-week. But it is important to spot trends and recognize where value lies. Here are some quick thoughts for the second half:


TOTTENHAM DEFENSE – I see more Clean Sheets in their future. This includes Dumbo in goal.

DAN GOSLING – Yahoo! has him listed as a defender. If Moyes has any brains and plays him, then you will benefit from his attacking role.

JAMES MILNER – He was a fantasy stud a few years ago and he has the potential to become one again. Now that Fabio has anointed him as England’s great hope, maybe that will get him going.


Portsmouth – In their first two years in the EPL, Pompey defied logic by not only staying up, but by becoming mid-table stalwarts. Well, the pied piper has left and the fire sale has begun.

Ronaldo – Nancy Reagan said no. You can too. NOnaldo. He might blow up occasionally the rest of the season with multiple goals, but it won’t be consistent enough to justify the price tag.

Fernando Torres – He was a poor man’s van Nistelrooy last year. This year, considering the injuries and all the juggling by Benitez, I don’t see him having much impact.

Cesc Fabregas – Let’s be honest. He was doing it with smoke and mirrors last year.


Anonymous said...

"Fernando Torres – He was a poor man’s van Nistelrooy last year. This year, considering the injuries and all the juggling by Benitez, I don’t see him having much impact."

While I'm well aware of how The Horsefaced Killah hit British soil in full stride, you're fucking high if you think El Nino is in any way inferior.

And not even the British press is trotting out the Benitez 'rotation' arguement this season.

Downside: Gman

The Fan's Attic said...

Stephen Ireland has been tremendous upside so far for Citeh. He currently has an injury, but I don't see him slowing down in the second half.

Upside: Kenwyne Jones...coming back from injury, Jones will hit his stride in the second half.

Downside: Tevez...just too much going on with him right now and the striker rotating is killing his fantasy value as is his play when he's on the pitch.

phil said...

I've benefited much from the services of Ireland, Deco, and Modric, all of which I acquired at cut-rate prices.

gman26 said...

Sven - you might be a pure football fan. and as a result, know nothing about fantasy football. I'm not saying El Nino is inferior as a player. But in terms of YFF points, Torres does the same thing as van Nistelrooy(goals only), but not to the level of the dutchman. ergo, poor man's. but maybe I was high. I do like how you brought your smack though. very non-European. Meaning, not soft.

gman26 said...

No arguments with Ireland. He's already equaled his career goal total in a half a season.

30f said...

I play in a Barclay's league - so not sure how different these are.

Last season, Dempsey was a great bargain for the first half (2/3?) of the year. Fulham didn't have any strikers and Deuce was super cheap. About the time his price went up, his production dropped as Bullard and McBride returned to the line-up. This year Bullard has been excellent, but how long do I hold him if he is gonna be as durable as Van Persie and Robben combined?

For the second half, I am holding onto C-Ron, he definitely IS less consistent this year - but he has two 'double game' weeks upcoming (at least in the BPL fantasy league) and that can generate huge points. This goes for any ManU player, of course.

Wigan and Zaki (a surprise stud for the first half of this year) are also playing twice this week, so I'll be pulling for the Egyptian Cahuatemec Blanco.

I would be real nervous about any Chelsea player besides Lampsy-Wampsy and the mono-browed point machine, Bosingwa. Chelsea has so much quality coming back to the field (Essien, Carvalho, J Cole) that the points will be spread out AND Chelski's finest tend to be pricey.

Too bad we won't get to see Jozy on Everton. It's probably the best for him, anyway.

phil said...

the Egyptian Cahuatemec Blanco.


Anonymous said...

Gman, my problem is that I have a difficult time separating fantasy from reality.

But, all fun aside, good stuff and well in.

(and unfortunately, I forgot to tend my team before the Holidays and the damage has been done)

Ibracadabra said...

I'm a prety big Gabriel He-Bangs-A-Whore fan and Jermain Defoe fan - for those Torres owners looking to go British (and cheaper) and rake in the 2nd half goal sprees from these two pacy Brits...

gman26 said...

Looks like the rotation problem is still in effect. Both Keane and Torres start on bench.