Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One More Reason None of Us Is Seriously Considering Going to South Africa in 2010

Not sure what's worse here: the story itself, or that it's not the least bit surprising.

Anyway, an African Nation Congress official who blew the whistle on corruption in stadium construction for the 2010 World Cup was gunned down outside of his house. Next to his son. After hosting a party.

Mpumalanga police spokesman Superintendent Abie Khoabane said details of the shooting were sketchy and that police had not established a motive for the attack. Three shots were fired, one at close range, which hit [Jimmy] Mohlala in the chest. Another hit his son in the leg. According to Sibiya, neighbours found Mohlala lying in a pool of blood. He was certified dead on arrival at a local hospital.

Last year, other ANC members wanted Mohlala removed from his post after singling out colleague Jacob Diadia "over alleged irregularited relation to the construction of Mbombela stadium."

Diadia was suspended, but—and this is priceless—the ANC recalled Mohlala. After he refused to step down, the party took disciplinary action against him. So, in South Africa when you expose potential corruption you lose your job and your life in that order?

Yes the rest of the world can't wait to come to a country where "disciplinary action" and "gangland style assassination" are interchangeable terms.

Okay, we're making an assumption that the killing was a direct result of Mohlala's whistleblowing over 2010 stadium construction. And police haven't determined that to be the case for certain. But when you're inviting the world to a party you're hosting, even the appearance that you're killing people who are trying to keep things on the up and up is, well, bad. Suffice it to say South Africa's evite list of "No's" might keep increasing by a few hundred million or so.


Mike Georger said...

Still can't believe they got the tournament, just a monument to FIFA corruption I suppose.

What is the weather like there in June/July? Are they one of those crazy ass winter in the summertime places, or is it going to be sweltering, thus guaranteeing that England go out real real early?

Keith said...

Well, Georger, being that it's in the Southern Hemisphere, and far enough from the tropics to not be Brazil, it's most definitely a Winter in the Summer nation.

/Snarky geography

phil said...

F*cking Spurs. Down 0-1 to Burnsley at the half because Dawson can't be bothered to mark anyone. If there's a more inept, stupid centre-half in the EPL, I don't know who it is.

Precious Roy said...

Perhaps you're not familiar with Titus Bramble?

phil said...

I know Titus well, but Dawson is incapable of marking a man. Spurs have found a use for him, though: his thick skull is excellent for nodding in gorgeous crosses. O'Hara comes on for Bentley, floats a beauty of a cross with his first touch, which Dawson nods home. 1-1. Almost immdeiately, PAvlyuchenko gets the ball, drives straight into the box, and O'Hara slams home Pavs' deflected shot. 2-1 Spurs, despite Dawson and Gomes combining to nearly allow the equalizer.

phil said...

GOAL! Pavs with a clean finish!

phil said...

And ANOTHER GOAL! Lennon swings in a free kick, and Michael Duff nods it home! 4-1 Spurs! COYS!

Precious Roy said...

I think you mean "Goys!"

Okay, and with my second such comment of the day I'll stop before someone goes ADL on my ass.

phil said...

Haha, PR.

Titus Bramble himself would have been proud of the way Duff nodded Lennon's kick perfectly into his own goal, though. Textbook Brambling.

phil said...

I wonder if Pavlyohwhatsit has begun to adapt, or if he's found his level vs. Wigan's reserves and 5th place Colaship sides.

Right now, I'm leaning towards the latter.