Friday, January 9, 2009

Matthew Etherington Is Stray Dog

Here, Matty, come on, Matty.

Matthew Etherington is apparently transfering to the Stoke City Animal Shelter. The West Ham midfielder is reported to be on his way to Stoke City for a fee of about 3 million pounds.

Stoke City hopes Etherington will help it avoid relegation this season. Manager Tony Pulis is doing all he can to motivate and inspire his players. Witness his comments on the Etherington signing.

"No disrespect but we are at a club where we can't deal in the top bracket of players we would like to bring here, " said the Stoke boss.

"You are always working below that. We are not at Crufts, we are at Battersea Dogs Home. We are looking for strays. We are looking for people who have gone astray with the aim of bringing them back.

"You look for players who have gone off the rails and for whatever reason have not fulfilled their potential."

Please remind me not to ever invite Tony to give motivational speeches.


phil said...

Sounds like I'm just the kind of guy Stoke is looking for.

Bigus Dickus said...

Ricardo Fuller is just a dog.

Andrew said...

Tony Pulis just described my hook-up policy.

The Ghost of Ibee said...

its pretty funny watching some of these clubs financially meltdown. WestHam and Pompey, I'm looking at you

and remember kids...

...Stewart Downing isnt available.