Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UF is One: And Bigus climbed aboard.

Well we are one. What can I say. I joined the good ship UF a few months after it left the dock and ever since I have given you regular Colaship reviews and many, many, many, many, many, many rants. Boy do I rant. Bigus loves football and a good rant. Bigus is easily irritated. Prod me with a stick and I'll bite. But hey that's me and I like to think people enjoy my rage as much as they enjoy Mike Georger's through his 6 billion comments this year.

I started out my UF tenure with posts slanted towards Norwich City but I'd like to think that throughout the year I have been consistent with a variety of topics and observations, keeping the love for Norwich deeply embedded in the Colaship reviews. I tried anyway.

The rest of the guys are picking their 'best 5' of the year and they have lots of choice.

A: They are a lot smarter than me.
And B: They are a lot smarter than me.

I have a few faves and I'll share them after the jump.

1: My favorite has to be the Ip.Ip.Ip..Them preview. I started out attempting to preview them in a serious manner and then I said f--k it!

2: I enjoyed writing this piece about Capello after England's win over Belarus. What makes this one memorable is that 2 days later the BBC's chief blogger Phil McNulty wrote pretty much the same thing. I rushed them my resume.

3: UF reader Kopper picked this next one. I am a very passionate England fan, just ask Autoglass about the tears that drip into my beer after a penalty shoot out at a major tourney. At the time I wrote this, the booing of Ashley Cole was a popular topic.

4: I did 3 interviews this year and yes they were all Norwich related! I asked our readers and the UF crew to pose the questions and I think many people were genuinely interested in hearing the professional point of view. First I talked to my mate John Revell, a youth coach at Norwich. Many of you asked about techniques and training and I think Mr Revell was pretty descriptive with his answers. Another interview was BBC Commentator and ex Norwich and Everton midfielder Neil Adams and again I received many questions wanting to probe the life of a Premier League footballer. Just this September I fired some email questions at my hero and current San Jose winger Darren Huckerby. I felt the answers could have been longer but those pesky media Nazi's at San Jose love their CTL and X keys.

5: Finally I liked this post a lot because it's just so stupid. It started with Newcastle's signing of Fabricio Coloccini and from there I dived back into time with hairdresser Tyson Kennedy for a look at unforgettable hair do's.

Well that was my year. I am very proud to be apart of UF along with the geniuses who keep this great site alive. We really have gone from strength to strength over the last 12 months and we aim to amuse and entertain over the next 12. Thanks for reading.

Oh crap..I just remembered this!



The Fan's Attic said...

We just like to think of us as preemies and BD was delivered as scheduled. Same blood just different delivery dates.

Andrew said...

@ Bigus: the comment on Sarah's blog "Who is Bigus Dickus?" cracked me up. Why? I do not know.

Thanks again for the interviews.

Lingering Bursitis said...

We're not done with these yet... couple more posts to go later on (once I've got the beer in me)

Goat said...

This is going to reveal what an idiot I am (as if my comments on here haven't already done so). I didn't know that Bigus Dickus was from The Life of Brian until I showed it to my World Civilizations class. Anyway, thanks to all of you. Especially for putting up with my general inanity. Good luck in 2009. Also, happy holidays to all the UF crew and readers.

Bigus Dickus said...

When Shaun Goater played at Man City, the fans would sing "feed the goat and he will score"...Apply here. Your comments are always appreciated Goat, however disgraceful they may be.

phil said...

Happy birthday fellas. Keep up the fine work and thanks for allowing this yankee Yiddo to frequent your digs. And thanks to all the commentors, who keep me level with a never ending stream of Spurs digs. COYS!