Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: If only I were that poor

Happy Holidays and all that. This may be the last time you hear from us until Boxing Day, so enjoy. Be safe, too. Holidays scare me because of the other idiots out there.

"Poorest player" in La Liga wins a share of the Spanish holiday lottery [The Offside]
Jermaine Pennant priced himself out of Real Madrid move. Will enjoy Wigan instead [Daily Mail]
Big Sam drops Robbie Fowler [BBC]

Ghana's national team will be playing a friendly against DC United in February [All Africa]
Carlsberg unhappy with Liverpool's new stadium delay [Guardian]
Why aren't movie directors bigger sports fans? Is the best we can hope for as soccer fans Fever Pitch? [Oregon Live]
New ESPN columnist takes a look at the Club World Cup [ESPN, duh]

And, finally:
Scotland's probably most important World Cup qualifier is in Norway on August 12th. Why is the SPL dead set on starting August 8th? [Telegraph]


ü75 said...

Also, I totally forgot a Good, Bad, WTF for today. I'll have one on Friday. It will undoubtedly be awesome.

Mike Georger said...

ESPN did a 'top ten sports moments from Christmas day thing' tonight. And while they did see fit to include Villa's victory over Chelsea, the stupid bitch managed to botch both the pronunciation of Aston and Villa.

Everyone have a tip top Tet, and fuck ESPN.

Andrew said...

Oh fuck, Georger, are you serious?

Anyone else catch the crawler update on Fabregas' injury this morning on the WWL? I couldn't believe it. They spelled his name right and everything!

Andrew said...

Merry Christmas Mr. Pennant, you greedy dick. You deserve to come off the bench at the JJB.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone on this site.

jjf3 said...

From the comments on the Pennant story:

Just how greedy can these monkeys get.
Click to rate Rating 1 - stephen smith, jalon, spain, 24/12/2008

You stay classy, Spain...