Monday, December 22, 2008

Picture pages

It seemed like a good day to put some short posts together.

Some girl named Sarah put up a post with pictures of her favorite USMNT players. Oh, that's Sarah from the comments? Oh, okay. It's actually the best post like this we have ever seen. I don't know where she got the picture of Sacha Kljestan (actually I do, it's watermarked), but I've never seen him so clean.

Also, it seems that Sarah is spending the next semester abroad. We don't know where, but we wish her the best. Also, Sarah, if you come across any good stories while over there (wherever that is), please use the tipline!

[...and Sarah Clapped]


Nathaniel said...

+.67 to The Fan's Attic for leaving the "Bigus Dickus is a wanker" comment on her blog.

+.33 to Blogspot for having the word verification for this comment be "hoetrail."


Amanda said...

I believe that picture of Sacha is from the MLS draft day. Which is probably the last time that kid washed his hair.

Sarah said...

Wow, it's like I'm famous! Thanks guys. :)

Yeah, that was Sacha at the draft, but I can't remember where I snagged the picture from. And the place next semester is London! Hopefully I'll get to go to a few Arsenal matches.

Also, "hoetrail" Nathaniel? Haha awesome.