Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday To Us!!

The keys to UF success can be found in this photo. (Thanks to Bigus for the Photoshop)

Well, we made it. One year. 365 days. Now it's time for us to verbally fellate ourselves, pull our puds and generally pat ourselves on our backs. Ouch, my elbow.

Anyway, we couldn't waste our employer's time and money without the help of our readers, who give us far too much enjoyment in the comments section. In the next year, we will continue our mission to find the most humorous, most sordid, and generally awesomest soccer/footie/football/calcio stories that occur each day. It is our goal to be funnier, better looking and more popular in year two. Although, I'm not sure how I, personally, can be funnier or more handsome.

Before we enter our next year of existence, I am going to give you my five favorite posts of the year. You'll notice that there seems to be a theme to most of my posts. Plus, a nice birthday bonus after the jump.


(1) Meiendorfer SV women's team seeks sexy kit sponsor. I found this one before any other English language blog or newspaper did and I was able to use my dormant German language skills.

(2) Eva Roob's boobs. A former pro soccer player turned stripper? Quintessential UF story. My second most successful post in terms of driving traffic. Again, I found this one using my German skillz.

(3) Van Nistlerooy in MSPaint. I explained the controversial offside no-call in the Italy-Netherlands Euro group play...in MSPaint. It took me two hours to do those awful renderings. But, it was great fun.

(4) Interviews. I only liked the way three of the interviews turned out. So thanks, Rob Stone, Greg Lalas and Mike Quarino.

(5) Nereida Gallardo. Not the greatest story, but by far my most visited post. Although, there were nice pics.


Ibracadabra said...

congrats on year one - looking forward to a great 2009.

Andrew said...

The van Nistlerooy in MSPaint remains one of my favorite posts.

Way to go fellas. Try not to fuck up in 2009. BIG HUGS!

Sarah said...

I can't believe I missed that MS Paint post the first time around. It cracked me up for about 10 minutes when I clicked on it today.

ΓΌ75 said...

It truly is a classic. Did the same to me while on vacation.

Andrew said...

It's RVN's horse head that did it for me. And the "whinny" as a celebration? Sublime.